Ch – 10 Reaching The Age Of Adolescence (Part 1)

Q.1: The first menstrual flow which begins at puberty in women is called __________.

a) menopause

b) menarche

c) Both

Q.2: All human beings have ____ pairs of chromosomes in the nucleus of their cells.

a) 22

b) 23

c) 24

Q.3: Generally, girls attain puberty at the age of _______ years.

a) 8-9

b) 10-12

c) 13-14

Q.4: The _________ glands produce oil or sebum, which keeps the skin oily.

a) sebaceous

b) sweat

c) mammary

Q.5: When does the brain acquire greatest capacity for learning ?

a) At infancy

b) At childhood

c) At adolescence

Q.6: Which of the following statements are correct regarding the adolescence phase ?

i) They feel confused and have emotional outbursts

ii) They start giving more importance to peers.

iii) They become self-conscious.

a) i, ii, iii

b) i and iii

c) ii and iii

Q.7: ____________ glands release hormones directly into the bloodstreams.

a) endocrine

b) exocrine

c) none

Q.8: ___________ are called the chemical messengers of the body.

a) blood

b) hormones

c) water

Q.9: __________ hormones control emotions like fear and anger.

a) aldosterone

b) glucagon

c) adrenaline

Q.10: Pituitary gland is located at the base of _________.

a) brain

b) lungs

c) kidney

Q.11: Sex chromosomes in females are represented by _____.

a) XY

b) YY

c) XX


  1. b
  2. b
  3. b
  4. a
  5. c
  6. a
  7. a
  8. b
  9. c
  10. a
  11. c

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