Ch – 8 Body Movements (Objectives)

Q.1: Fill in the blanks:

a) Joints of the bones help in the movement of the body.

b) A combination of bones and cartilages forms the skeleton of the body.

c) The bones at the elbow are joined by a hinge joint.

d) The contraction of the muscles pulls the bones during movement.

Q.2: Indicate true (T) and false (F) among the following sentences:

a) The movement and locomotion of all animals is exactly the same. False

b) The cartilages are harder than bones. False

c) The finger bones do not have joints. False

d) The fore arm has two bones. True

e) Cockroaches have an outer skeleton. True

Q.3: Match the items in Column I with one or more items of Column II:

Column IColumn II
Upper jawhave fins on the body
Fishhas an outer skeleton
Ribscan fly in the air
Snailis an immovable joint
Cockroachprotect the heart
shows very slow movement
have a streamlined body


Column IColumn II
Upper jawis an immovable joint
Fishhave a streamlined body
have fins on the body
Ribsprotect the heart
Snailshows very slow movement
Cockroachhas an outer skeleton
can fly in the air

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