Conjunctions Worksheet – 1

Q: Choose the correct conjunction :

  1. I would have gone to the party ______ I had been invited. (although/if)
  2. I will go there _________ you desire it. (since/that)
  3. He is not happy _________ he is very rich. (though/and)
  4. She wept so much _______ she fell ill. (as/that)
  5. ___________ you apologize, I shall punish you. (Unless/Because)
  6. The teacher punished him __________ he had hit another student. (because/before)
  7. He is _______ a crook _______ a madman. (neither,nor/so,that)
  8. Give me some water to drink _________ I shall die of thirst. (unless/otherwise)
  9. His father gave him good education ________ money to start a business. (and/yet)
  10. Mona is working night shifts __________ she is in need of money. (because/or)

Published by Priya Prakash

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