Ch – 7 Our Country – India (Objectives)

Q: Tick the correct answer:

a) The southernmost Himalayas are known as _____________.

Ans: Siwaliks

b) Sahyadris is also known as ____________.

Ans: Western Ghats

c) The Palk Strait lies between the countries ___________________.

Ans: India and Sri Lanka

d) The Indian islands in the Arabian Sea are known as _________________.

Ans: Lakshadweep islands

e) The oldest mountain range in India is the ___________.

Ans: Aravali mountains

Q: Fill in the blanks:

a) India has an area of about 3.28 million sq km.

b) The Greater Himalayas are also known as Himadri.

c) The largest state in India in terms of area is Rajasthan.

d) The river Narmada falls into the Arabian sea.

e) The latitude that runs almost halfway through India is Tropic of Cancer

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