Ch – 8 Civilising The “Native”, Educating The Nation

Q.1: ________________________ was set up by William Jones with Henry Thomas Colebrook and Nathaniel Halhed.

a) Benaras Sanskrit College

b) Serampore College

c) Asiatic Society of Bengal

Q.2: The English Education Act was introduced in _______.

a) 1836

b) 1830

c) 1835

Q.3: Which of the following measures were introduced by British following the Wood’s Despatch, 1854 ?

i) Education departments were set up by government to control all matters regarding education.

ii) Universities were established in Calcutta, Madras and Ahmedabad.

iii) Attempts were made to bring changes in the school education system.

a) only iii

b) i and iii

c) i, ii and iii

Q.4: Why did the East India Company oppose missionary activities in India till 1813 ?

a) Because they wanted to start their own education system.

b) Because they thought it would provoke the local population.

c) Both

Q.5: Rabindranath Tagore established Shantiniketan in ________.

a) 1901

b) 1905

c) 1910

Q.6: “A single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia”. This statement was given by _________________.

a) William Jones

b) Thomas Macaulay

c) Warren Hastings

Q.7:Which of the following statements are correct about the education system of pathshalas ?

i) Fee depended on the income of parents.

ii) Teaching was oral and guru decided what to teach.

iii) Students of all classes sat together.

iv) Classes were not held during harvest time.

a) i and iii

b) ii and iv

c) i, ii, iii and iv

Q.8: ______________ was established in Benaras in 1791 to encourage the study of ancient Sanskrit texts that would be useful for the administration of the country.

a) The Hindu College

b) The Sanskrit College

c) The Benaras College

Q.9: After _________, the Company decided to improve the system of vernacular education.

a) 1851

b) 1854

c) 1852

Q.10: Which of the following changes were brought by the Company in the pathshalas ?

i) Attendance was made compulsory.

ii) All pathshalas were provided with government grants.

iii) Textbook based teaching was introduced.

iv) Learning was tested through annual examinations.

a) i and iii

b) i, ii and iii

c) i, iii and iv


  1. c
  2. c
  3. b
  4. b
  5. a
  6. b
  7. c
  8. a
  9. b
  10. c

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