Morphology Of Flowering Plants (Part 1)

Q.1: The roots that arise from parts of the plant other than the radicle are called _________________.

a) fibrous roots

b) primary roots

c) adventitious roots

Q.2: The swollen leaf base which is seen in some leguminous plants is known as ___________.

a) pulvinus

b) lamina

c) stipule

Q.3: In a ________________, a number of leaflets are present on the rachis.

a) simple leaf

b) pinnately compound leaf

c) palmately compound leaf

Q.4: From ______________________, the epidermal cells form very fine and delicate, thread like structures called root hairs.

a) region of meristematic activity

b) region of elongation

c) region of maturation

Q.5: Match the following:

Type of PhyllotaxySeen in Flower
1. Alternatei. Alstonia
2. Oppositeii. China rose
3. Whorlediii. Guava

a) 1-ii, 2-iii, 3-i

b) 1-ii, 2-i, 3-iii

c) 1-iii, 2-i, 3-ii

Q.6: The arrangement of flowers on the floral axis is known as ________________.

a) phyllotaxy

b) bracteate

c) inflorescence

Q.7: If the floral appendages in a flower are in multiple of 4, then it is known as _______________.

a) trimerous

b) tetramerous

c) pentamerous

Q.8: _____________ is the outermost whorl of the flower.

a) corolla

b) calyx

c) gynoecium

Q.9: Which of the following statements stand correct regarding the epigynous flowers ?

a) The thalamus encloses the ovary completely.

b) The ovary is said to be superior in these flowers.

c) The other parts of flower are below the ovary.

Q.10: In ______________ placentation, the ovules develop on the inner wall of the ovary or on peripheral part.

a) marginal

b) parietal

c) axile


  1. c
  2. a
  3. b
  4. c
  5. a
  6. c
  7. b
  8. b
  9. a
  10. b

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