Ch – 10 Traders, Kings & Pilgrims

Let’s Recall

Q.1: Match the following:

1. Muvendari. Mahayana Buddhism
2. Lords of the dakshinapathaii. Buddhacharita
3. Ashvaghoshaiii. Satavahana rulers
4. Bodhisattvasiv. Chinese pilgrim
5. Xuan Zangv. Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas


1. Muvendrav. Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas
2. Lords of the dakshinapathaiii. Satavahana rulers
3. Ashvaghoshaii. Buddhacharita
4. Bodhisattvasi. Mahayana Buddhism
5. Xuan Zangiv. Chinese pilgrim

Q.2: Why did the kings want to control the Silk route ?

Ans: Kings wanted to control the Silk Route so that they could benefit from taxes, tributes and gifts that were brought by traders travelling along the route.

Q.3: What kinds of evidence do historians use to find out about trade and trade routes ?

Ans: The historians found the evidence about trade and trade routes from the sangam poems, coins, and pottery.

Q.4: What were the main features of Bhakti ?

Ans: The main features of Bhakti were:

  • It emphasised devotion and individual worship of a god or goddess.
  • The deity could be thought of as a human being, lion, tree or any other form.
  • The images of these deities were placed in special places.
  • Any person, whether rich or poor, or belonging to high or low castes, man or woman, can follow the path of Bhakti.
  • It doesn’t include any elaborate sacrifices.

Let’s discuss:

Q.5: Discuss the reasons why the Chinese pilgrims came to India.

Ans: The Chinese pilgrims came to India to study about Buddhism and to stay in monastaries.

Q.6: Why do you think ordinary people were attracted to Bhakti ?

Ans: It was understood that anybody, whether rich or poor, belonging to low or high castes, man or woman, can follow the path of Bhakti. This feature of Bhakti attracted many ordinary people towards it.

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