Ch – 6 Peasants & Farmers

Q.1: Threshing machines were broken in different countries of England during the __________________ movement in the 1830s.

a) Green revolution

b) Captain John

c) Captain Swing

Q.2: Turnip and clover crops have the capacity to increase the _________ content of the soil.

a) Nitrogen

b) Nutrient

c) Humus

Q.3: Why did the farmers begin buying threshing machines during the Napoleonic War ?

a) Because they feared about the shortage of labour.

b) Because it would reduce their dependence on labourers.

c) Both

Q.4: There was a dramatic expansion of wheat production in USA from the late ___________ century.

a) seventeenth

b) eighteenth

c) nineteenth

Q.5: “Plant more wheat, wheat will win the war”, this statement was given by which American President ?

a) President Ford

b) President Wilson

c) President Kennedy

Q.6: The Great Agrarian Depression occurred in the _______.

a) 1930s

b) 1940s

c) 1920s

Q.7: The major source of income for the British in India was the _____________.

a) tax

b) land revenue

c) tributes

Q.8: Which were the two main commercial crops grown in India during the early nineteenth century ?

a) sugarcane and opium

b) indigo and cotton

c) indigo and opium

Q.9: Why were the Manchus unwilling to allow entry of foreign goods in China ?

a) Because merchants would meddle in local politics.

b) Because merchants would disrupt their authority.

c) Both

Q.10: The __________ had introduced opium into China in the early sixteenth century.

a) British

b) Portuguese

c) Dutch

Q.11: Why were the Indian farmers reluctant to grow opium in their fields ?

i) The price paid by government for opium was too low.

ii) The plant was delicate and demands long hours of nurture.

iii) The plant has to be grown on the best land.

a) i and iii

b) only iii

c) i, ii and iii

Q.12: By the 1820s, which areas started producing more opium than the states under British control ?

a) Deccan and Maharashtra

b) Central India and Rajasthan

c) None


  1. c
  2. a
  3. c
  4. c
  5. b
  6. a
  7. b
  8. c
  9. c
  10. b
  11. c
  12. b

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