Ch – 8 Devotional Paths To The Divine (Objectives)

Q.1: Match the following:

The Buddhanamghar
Shankaradevaworship of Vishnu
Nizamuddin Auliyaquestioned social differences
NayanarsSufi saint
Alvarsworship of Shiva


The Buddhaquestioned social differences
Nizamuddin AuliyaSufi saint
Nayanarsworship of Shiva
Alvarsworship of Vishnu

Q.2: Fill in the blanks:

a) Shankara was an advocate of Advaita.

b) Ramanuja was influenced by Alvars.

c) Basavanna, Allama Prabhu and Akkamahadevi were advocates of Virashaivism.

d) Pandharpur was an important centre of the Bhakti tradition in Maharashtra.

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