Ch – 10 The Changing World Of Visual Arts

Q.1: The portrait of Governor-General Warren Hastings with his wife in their Belvedere estate was painted by __________________.

a) Thomas Daniell

b) William Daniell

c) Johann Zoffany

Q.2: After a war with the British in the 1770s, _______________ became a dependent pensioner of the East India Company.

a) Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan

b) Mir Jafar

c) Sirajuddaulah

Q.3: Tipu Sultan was defeated in the battle of _____________ in 1799.

a) Mysore

b) Awadh

c) Seringapatam

Q.4: Which paintings made British appear invincible and powerful ?

a) Portrait

b) Picturesque

c) History

Q.5: Tipu Sultan and Haider Ali defeated the English troops in the famous battle of _____________ in 1780.

a) Seringapatam

b) Polilur

c) Plassey

Q.6: The miniature artists of Murshidabad used ___________ to create a sense of distance between objects that are near and those at a distance.

a) perspective

b) lines

c) colour

Q.7: The pictures and paintings collected by the officials of East India Company came to be known as ____________________.

a) Company paintings

b) Mural paintings

c) Scroll paintings

Q.8: The local village scroll painters of Bengal were known as _____________.

a) kumors

b) kumhars

c) patuas

Q.9: What did the late nineteenth century Kalighat paintings depict ?

a) The victories of British

b) The social life under British rule

c) The life of Mughals

Q.10: The Englishmen considered ___________ as a sport to demonstrate their courage and manliness.

a) hunting

b) herding

c) farming

Q.11: One of the most famous photographic studios of Calcutta, ____________________ was set up by Samuel Borne in the early 1860s.

a) Bourne and Shephard

b) Calcutta Art Studio

c) None

Q.12: The new buildings, that came up in Bombay in the mid-nineteenth century, were mostly in ____________ style.

a) Gothic

b) Mughal

c) Bengal

Q.13: ____________ belonged to the family of Maharajas of Travancore in Kerala.

a) Nandalal

b) Ravi Varma

c) Abanindranath

Q.14: Which of the following stylistic elements do you find often in the Japanese water colour landscape paintings ?

a) Soft colours

b) Absence of hard lines

c) Both

Q.15: Why did the group of nationalist artists rejected the art of Ravi Varma ?

a) They thought it was too costly.

b) They considered it as imitative and westernized.

c) Both


  1. c
  2. a
  3. c
  4. c
  5. b
  6. a
  7. a
  8. c
  9. b
  10. a
  11. a
  12. a
  13. b
  14. c
  15. b

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