Ch – 5 Golu Grows A Nose

Q.1: Golu’s nose was as small as a ___________.

a) ring

b) seed

c) boot

Q.2: Who was the aunt of Golu ?

a) ostrich

b) giraffe

c) elephant

Q.3: “Why are your eyes always so red ?”, who asked this to whom ?

a) Golu to his tall uncle Giraffe

b) Golu to his tall aunt Ostrich

c) Golu to his huge uncle Hippopotamus

Q.4: Who was sitting in the middle of a bush ?

a) hippopotamus

b) mynah

c) ostrich

Q.5: What did Golu eat on his way to Limpopo river ?

a) sugar canes, bananas and melons

b) burgers, frankies and ice-creams

c) sugar canes, apples and melons

Q.6: What did the python say to Golu ?

a) He said nothing.

b) He said hello.

c) He showed him the way to the Limpopo river.

Q.7: The log of wood on the bank of the river was actually a ______________.

a) baboon

b) crocodile

c) monkey

Q.8: What did the crocodile do to prove that he was a crocodile ?

a) He gave food to Golu.

b) He pulled Golu’s nose.

c) He shed crocodile tears.

Q.9: Who was following Golu quietly ?

a) Python

b) Giraffe

c) Baboon

Q.10: What happened when Golu dug in his all four legs in the mud and started pulling his nose out of crocodile’s clutch ?

a) His legs got dirty.

b) His nose kept on stretching.

c) His face got stretching.

Q.11: Who had stung Golu on his shoulder ?

a) Bee

b) Ant

c) Mosquito

Q.12: What was/were the advantage/s of having a trunk ?

a) Golu can pluck bundle of grasses with the trunk.

b) Golu can scoop the mud and put it on his head with the trunk.

c) Both


  1. c
  2. a
  3. c
  4. b
  5. a
  6. a
  7. b
  8. c
  9. a
  10. b
  11. c
  12. c

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