Ch – 5 Quality

Q.1: Mr. Gessler is a German shoemaker, who is settled in ____________.

a) Paris

b) Beijing

c) London

Q.2: Mr. Gessler lived with his ___________.

a) elder brother

b) younger brother

c) elder sister

Q.3: “Isn’t it awfully hard to do, Mr. Gessler?”, Who asked this to whom ?

a) Author to Mr. Gessler

b) Mr. Gessler to Author

c) Author to Mr. Gessler’s brother

Q.4: The author went in to Mr. Gessler’s shop as one enters a __________.

a) library

b) church

c) market

Q.5: The author can’t forget the occasion when he said to Mr. Gessler about the __________________.

a) purchase of new leather boots

b) creaking of the last pair of boots

c) opening of new shop of boots

Q.6: According to Mr. Gessler, why do some boots creak ?

a) Because they are bad from birth.

b) Because they are not properly stitched.

c) Because they are made of low quality leather.

Q.7: The author had once bought a pair of shoes from ______________, in an emergency.

a) Mr. Gessler’s shop

b) Mr. Gessler’s rival’s shop

c) a large firm

Q.8: According to Mr. Gessler, the big firms have no ______________.

a) capital

b) quality work

c) self-respect

Q.9: How do the large firms get it all ?

a) by work

b) by advertisements

c) both

Q.10: Why was Mr. Gessler having no work ?

a) Because the large firms were taking away his customers.

b) Because of his rude behaviour.

c) Because his boots were expensive.

Q.11: The author was not able to go back to Mr. Gessler’s shop for ________ years.

a) three

b) four

c) two

Q.12: “I had left a man of sixty; I came back to one of seventy-five, pinched and worn”, what does author mean by this sentence ?

a) He means that he had grown very old.

b) He means that Mr. Gessler looked pinched and worn.

c) He left another man.

Q.13: When the author went in the shop to thank Mr. Gessler, he was greeted by _________________.

a) Mr. Gessler’s family

b) a young man with an English face

c) a young man with a German face

Q.14: Mr. Gessler died of _______________.

a) Heart attack

b) Accident

c) Slow starvation

Q.15: Why did people not wait for Mr. Gessler’s boots ?

a) Because he would take so much time to make them.

b) Because he was lazy and won’t finish on time.

c) Because he had so many orders.

Q.16: Where did Mr. Gessler all money go ?

a) Rent and Advertisement

b) Leather and Advertisement

c) Rent and Leather


  1. c
  2. a
  3. a
  4. b
  5. b
  6. a
  7. c
  8. c
  9. b
  10. a
  11. c
  12. b
  13. b
  14. c
  15. a
  16. c

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