Conjunctions Worksheet – 2

Q: Join each pair the following sentences by means of a suitable Conjunction:

  1. The accused fell down on his knees. The accused asked for mercy.
  2. My bus was late. I reached school late.
  3. This tree is tall. This tree is laden with fruits.
  4. I am tall. My brother is taller.
  5. Hemant should work hard. Hemant will fail in the upcoming exams.
  6. Soha loves her dog. Her dog is faithful.
  7. I didn’t get the first prize. I tried my best.
  8. Hari is the richest man of our society. He is not happy.
  9. He sells red bangles. He sells blue bangles.
  10. Rima may be at her home. Rima may be at gym.

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