Poem 7 – Dad & The Cat & The Tree

Q.1: The cat got stuck in the ___________.

a) bush

b) tree

c) terrace

Q.2: Dad got out the ____________ from the garden shed.

a) chair

b) ladder

c) table

Q.3: Dad slipped on the ladder and fell in the ________________.

a) flower bed

b) ground

c) well

Q.4: Why did the Plan B fail ?

a) the ladder broke

b) the branch broke

c) the chair broke

Q.5: “Stop it, You’ll break your neck!”, Who said these words to whom ?

a) Child to Dad

b) Dad to Mum

c) Mum to Dad

Q.6: Plan C was as easy as ______________ for a climber like Dad.

a) winking

b) sleeping

c) ABC

Q.7: What happened when Dad landed in the crook of the tree top ?

a) He fell on the broken branch.

b) He landed on a bird’s nest.

c) He landed on a cat.

Q.8: At the end of the poem, what happened to Dad ?

a) He landed safely on ground.

b) He got stuck up on the tree.

c) He saved the cat.


  1. b
  2. b
  3. a
  4. b
  5. c
  6. a
  7. c
  8. b

Published by Priya Prakash

In the midst of winter, i found there was within me an invincible summer ~ Albert Camus

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