Organisms & Population

Q.1: _______________ is the most important ecologically relevant environment factor.

a) Water

b) Temperature

c) Light

Q.2: Eurythermal organisms can __________________________.

a) adapt to a wide range of salinities.

b) not survive in a wide range of temperatures.

c) survive in a wide range of temperatures.

Q.3: Many zooplankton species in lakes and ponds enter a stage of _______________ under unfavourable conditions.

a) hibernation

b) diapause

c) aestivation

Q.4: What is Allen’s rule ?

a) Organisms at higher latitudes should be larger and thicker than those closer to the equator.

b) Organisms of warmer climates have shorter limbs and ears than those of colder climates.

c) Organisms of colder climates have shorter limbs and ears than those of warmer climates.

Q.5: How does our body solve the problem of altitude sickness ?

a) By increasing red blood cells production.

b) By increasing white blood cells production.

c) Both

Q.6: ____________ refers to the number of births during a given period in the population that are added to the initial density.

a) Natality

b) Mortality

c) Emigration

Q.7: __________________ is an important parameter chosen for assessing impacts of any biotic or abiotic factor on population growth.

a) Population pyramid

b) Population Density

c) Intrinsic Rate of Natural Increase

Q.8: The interaction where one species is benefitted and the other is neither benefitted nor harmed is called ______________.

a) amensalism

b) commensalism

c) predation

Q.9: ____________ are the most common morphological means of defence.

a) Thorns

b) Chemicals

c) Both

Q.10: Brood parasitism is seen in __________.

a) birds

b) plants

c) animals

Q.11: The close association of the cattle egret and grazing cattle is a classic example of ________________.

a) Mutualism

b) Commensalism

c) Parasitism


  1. b
  2. c
  3. b
  4. c
  5. a
  6. a
  7. c
  8. b
  9. a
  10. a
  11. b

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