Sample Paper B

Q.1: Are the ratios 48 kg : 35 kg and 42 kg : 30 kg in proportion ?

Q.2: Draw a triangle with only one line of symmetry ?

Q.3: Draw AB of length 8.6 cm and find its axis of symmetry.

Q.4: Write the predecessor and successor of 13,039

Q.5: Find 35 x 26 using distribuivity.

Q.6: Find the product of 25 x 36 x 4 by suitable rearrangement.

Q.7: Mark (-8) and 7 on number line.

Q.8: Write the opposite of : loss of Rs. 850

Q.9: Write all the integers between (-5) and 2.

Q.10: Give expression for : m is multiplied by 5 and then the product is subtracted from (-11)

Q.11: Sneha’s present age is four times her nephew’s age. Find out Sneha’s age.

Q.12: Pick out the correct solution from the values given in the bracket:

7 + m = 12 (5, (-5), 4)

Q.13: Draw a circle and rhombus and show its lines of symmetry.

Q.14: Draw a circle of 4.2 radius.

Q.15: Draw an angle of 120 degree and also construct its bisector.

Q.16: Find the sum of 425 + 368 + 222 + 225

Q.17: Draw an angle of 80 degree and construct its exact copy using ruler and compasses.

Q.18: A car travels 120 km in 5 hours. How much distance would it cover in 7 hours ?

Q.19: Construct a line segment of length 4.6 cm using ruler and compass.

Q.20: Mention the English alphabets which have both horizontal and vertical line of symmetry.

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