Sample Paper C

Q.1: Write the expanded form of 39.381

Q.2: Write 10.5 as fraction in lowest form.

Q.3: What fraction of an hour is 35 minutes ?

Q.4: Write ‘eleven point zero three five’ as a decimal.

Q.5: Between which two numbers on the number line does 2.7 lies ?

Q.6: Express 115 mm as cm using decimal.

Q.7: Write natural numbers from 101 to 111. What fraction of them are prime numbers ?

Q.8: Express 48/7 as mixed fraction.

Q.9: Find the equivalent fraction of 6/7 with denominator 63

Q.10: Find the simplest form of 120/200

Q.11: Check whether 7/8 and 11/15 are equivalent or not.

Q.12: Compare: 6/10 _______ 9/12

Q.13: Add: 5/9 + 8/15

Q.14: Subtract: 9/20 from 7/10

Q.15: Compare: 6.728 ______ 6.782

Q.16: Express 90 rupees 55 paise as rupees using decimal.

Q.17: Express 850 g as kg using decimal.

Q.18: Express 5870 m as km using decimal.

Q.19: Find the sum of: 7.82 + 8.264 + 1.1

Q.20: Subtract 10.2 from 25.28

Q.21: The distance between Uma’s office and home is 52 km 80 m. She travels 48 km 7 m by train and remaining by bus. Find the distance travelled by Uma by bus.

Q.22: Reshma takes 5/6 of an hour to complete her Maths homework. Sheela takes 2/3 of an hour to complete the same homework. Who takes more time to cover the homework ?

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