Sample Paper B

Q.1: Multiple Choice Questions:

i) The volume of a cube of side 1 cm is _________.

a) 1 cm2

b) 3 cm2

c) 3 cm3

ii) 91.475 x 10 = __________.

a) 9.1475

b) 9147.5

c) 914.75

iii) To convert percentage into fraction, we have to __________ the number with 100.

a) divide

b) multiply

c) add

Q.2: Fill in the blanks:

i) The perimeter of a square with side 5 cm is ____________.

ii) 88% in fraction form will be ____________.

iii) When we divide 7.8 by 3, we will get _________.

Q.3: Find the value of:

i) 23% of 800

ii) 54% of 1100

Q.4: Find the volume of a cube having side 14 m.

Q.5: Find the area of a rectangle with length 16.5 m and breadth 8.7 m.

Q.6: Convert 2.65 into fraction.

Q.7: Word problems:

a) Raju had Rs.200 with him. He spent Rs.59.25 on toys. How much money does is left with him now ?

b) If the cost of one pencil is Rs.12.50, then find the cost of 8 such pencils,

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