Sample Paper D

Q.1: Fill in the blanks:

  1. A cuboid in which length, breadth and height are equal is called ___________.
  2. All side faces of a pyramid are ______________ in shape.
  3. A cylinder has ________ edges, ________ faces and ________ vertex.
  4. If the area of a square park is 144 km2 , then its perimeter will be __________.
  5. The perimeter of a regular hexagon is 21 cm. The length of its each side will be __________.
  6. The other name of a triangular pyramid is ___________.
  7. A quadrilateral has ________ sides and _______ angles.
  8. The sum of angles of a quadrilateral is ________.
  9. If two angles of a triangle are 35 degree and 48 degree, then the measure of third angle will be _________.
  10. The triangle in which all the three sides are of equal length is _____________ triangle.
  11. The cost of fencing a rectangle field of length 15 m and breadth 12 m, at the rate of Rs.12 per m, is _____________.
  12. The angle having measure 135 degree is ____________ angle.
  13. ___________ lines do not meet and keep a fixed distance between them.
  14. If the three angles of a quadrilateral are 54 degree, 86 degree and 57 degree, then the measure of the fourth angle is ___________.
  15. The perimeter of a rectangle is 540 m. If its breadth is 80 m, then its length is ________.

Q.2: Draw the following angles with the help of a protractor.

a) 87

b) 115

Q.3: Draw a quadrilateral PQRS and list two pairs of opposite sides and adjacent angles.

Q.4: Draw a line segment AB of length 6.4 cm. Bisect it into two equal parts.

Q.5: Using protractor, draw an angle of 70 degree. Bisect it into two equal parts using compasses.

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