Ch – 1 Chemical Reactions & Equations

Important Notes:

  • The substances that undergo chemical change in the reaction are the “reactants“.
  • The new substance formed during the reaction is the “product“.
  • The reactants are written on the LHS with a plus sign between them and products are written on the RHS with a plus sign between them.
  • The reaction in which the number of atoms of each element are not same on both the sides is known as “skeletal chemical equation“.
  • To make a chemical reaction more informative, the physical states of the reactants and products are often mentioned along with their chemical formulae.
  • The reaction in which single product is formed from two or more reactants is known as “combination reaction“.
  • Reactions in which the heat is released along with the formation of products are called “Exothermic reactions“.
  • The reaction in which a single reactant breaks down to give simpler products is known as “Decomposition reaction“.
  • When a decomposition reaction is carried out by heating, it is known as “Thermal decomposition“.
  • Reactions in which energy is absorbed are known as “Endothermic reaction“.
  • The reaction where the more reactive metal displaces less reactive metal is known as “Displacement reaction“.
  • The reaction which produces a precipitate is known as “Precipitation reaction“.
  • The reactions in which there is an exchange of ions between the reactants are called “Double Displacement Reaction“.
  • The reaction where one reactant gets oxidised while the other gets reduced during the reaction is known as “Oxidation-reduction reaction or Redox reaction“.
  • When a metal is attacked by substances around it like moisture, acids, etc. it is said to corrode and the process is called “Corrosion“.
  • When fats and oils are oxidised they become rancid therefore, antioxidants are added to such foods to prevent oxidation.
  • Chip packets are flushed with gas like nitrogen in order to keep chips from getting oxidised.

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