Adverbs Of Time Worksheet

Choose the appropriate adverbs of time for the following sentences:

  1. I have been eating too much refined sugar __________. (yesterday/lately)
  2. Tina will __________ meet her best friend after such a long time. (finally/still)
  3. The charity event is held _____________. (already/annually)
  4. Karan went to bed __________ as he was tired. (early/late)
  5. I will complete my assignment __________. (recently/soon)
  6. Leena just _________ finished her dinner. (now/later)
  7. I will clean my room __________. (yesterday/tomorrow)
  8. Missy has been living here ________ 1993. (for/since)
  9. I ________ lie to my friends. (rarely/already)
  10. Mohan is going to Dubai ______ a week. (for/since)

Published by Priya Prakash

In the midst of winter, i found there was within me an invincible summer ~ Albert Camus

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