Ch – 1 Power Sharing

Q.1: In Belgium, Dutch speaking population live in the ____________ region.

a) Wallonia

b) Flemish

c) Brussels

Q.2: ________________ are concentrated in the north and east of the Sri-Lanka.

a) Indian Tamils

b) Sri Lankan Tamils

c) Buddhists

Q.3: Sri Lanka emerged as an independent country in _________.

a) 1956

b) 1947

c) 1948

Q.4: Why did the Sri Lankan Tamils launch political parties in Sri Lanka ?

a) For the recognition of Tamil as an official language.

b) For regional autonomy and securing education and jobs.

c) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

Q.5: What power does ‘community government’ of Belgium has ?

a) To secure jobs for particular communities only.

b) Power regarding cultural, educational and language related issues.

c) Both

Q.6: Why is the power sharing among different organs of the government called as ‘horizontal distribution of power’ ?

a) Because it allows different organs of government placed at the same level to exercise different powers.

b) Because it allows socially weaker sections to be well-represented in government.

c) Because a democratic rule involves sharing of power with those affected by its exercise.

Q.7: Power shared by two or more government is known as ___________ government.

a) Federal

b) Central

c) Coalition

Q.8: Belgium is a small country in Europe and shares its boundaries with ______________________________.

a) France, Germany, Austria

b) England, Netherlands, France

c) France, Netherlands, Germany

Q.9: Choose the correct statements from the following:

i) In 1956, an Act was passed in Sri Lanks to recognise Sinhala as the only official language, disregarding Tamil.

ii) The Sri Lankan constitution stipulated that the state shall protect and foster Buddhism.

iii) By 1980s, several political parties were formed demanding for an independent Tamil eelam in northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka.

a) only iii

b) i and ii

c) i, ii and iii

Q.10: ____________ reasons stress that power sharing will bring out better outcomes.

a) Prudential

b) Moral

c) Religious

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