Ch – 6 Life Processes

Q.1: Which of the following events occur during photosynthesis process ?

i) Absorption of light energy by chlorophyll.

ii) Conversion of light energy to chemical energy and splitting of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.

iii) Reduction of carbon dioxide to carbohydrates.

a) i and iii

b) i, ii and iii

c) None

Q.2: The opening and closing of stomatal pore is a function of ________________.

a) Red Blood Cell

b) Stomata Cell

c) Guard Cell

Q.3: ___________ is an important element used in the synthesis of proteins and other compounds.

a) Nitrogen

b) Phosphorous

c) Iron

Q.4: The food is moved to a specific spot in Paramecium by the movement of _______________.

a) Cilia

b) Pseudopodia

c) Both

Q.5: The alimentary canal is a long tube that extends from the __________ to the ____________.

a) Mouth, Small intestine

b) Stomach, Large intestine

c) Mouth, Anus

Q.6: The salivary amylase breaks down starch to give ___________.

a) proteins

b) fats

c) sugar

Q.7: The _____________ creates an acidic medium which facilitates the action of the enzyme pepsin.

a) sulphuric acid

b) hydrochloric acid

c) nitric acid

Q.8: ______________ is the longest part of the alimentary canal.

a) large intestine

b) small intestine

c) stomach

Q.9: Pancreatic juice contains __________ which helps in digesting proteins and ___________ for breaking down emulsified fats.

a) trypsin, lipase

b) lipase, pepsin

c) trypsin, pepsin

Q.10: The exit of the waste materials from our body is regulated by ______________.

a) rectum

b) anal sphincter

c) large intestine

Q.11: When the terminal phosphate linkage in ATP is broken using water, the energy equivalent to ___________ kJ/mol is released.

a) 30.5

b) 35.5

c) 40.5

Q.12: Oxygen rich blood from the lungs comes to the _______________.

a) left atrium

b) left ventricle

c) right atrium

Q.13: _____________ ensure that the blood does not flow backwards when the atria or ventricles contract.

a) veins

b) valves

c) capillaries

Q.14: Why does the blood go only once through the heart in the fish during one cycle of passage through the body ?

a) Because it is an aquatic animal.

b) Because it takes in dissolved oxygen.

c) Because it has only two chambers in their hearts.

Q.15: Blood pressure is measured with the help of _________________.

a) manometer

b) sphygmomanometer

c) both

Q.16: The normal systolic pressure is _____ mm of Hg and diastolic pressure is _____ mm of Hg.

a) 80, 120

b) 90, 110

c) 120, 80

Q.17: Hypertension is caused by the constriction of ______________.

a) arterioles

b) venules

c) Both

Q.18: In a healthy adult, the initial filtrate in the kidneys is about _______ L daily.

a) 170

b) 180

c) 190

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