Ch – 6 The Major Landforms Of The Earth (Objectives)

Q: Tick the correct answers:

a) The mountains differ from the hills in terms of _____________.

Ans: elevation

b) Glaciers are found in _______________.

Ans: the mountains

c) The Deccan Plateau is located in ____________.

Ans: India

d) The river Yangtze flows in ____________.

Ans: China

e) An important mountain range of Europe is _________.

Ans: the Alps

Q: Fill in the blanks:

a) A ___________ is an unbroken flat or a low-level land.

Ans: plain

b) The Himalayas and the Alps are examples of ____________ types of mountains.

Ans: Fold

c) __________ areas are rich in mineral deposits.

Ans: Plateaus

d) The ____________ is a line of mountains.

Ans: Range

e) The ____________ areas are most productive for farming.

Ans: plain

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10 thoughts on “Ch – 6 The Major Landforms Of The Earth (Objectives)

  1. One of my favorite childhood books was called “the Story about Ping” by Marjorie Flack & Kurt Wiese

    It was about a duck who didn’t pay attention who lived on the Yangtze River with his family lol

    It was cute ❤️ it was my favorite book for years and years ❤️

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      1. It was cute ❤️ he lived on a boat on the Yangtze River with his family and masters.

        If you were the last duck to return to the boat when called, you got spanked.

        One day he was going to be late so he hid. And then was all alone.

        Early in morning he went swimming to try to find his boat. A little boy caught him and his parents were going to serve him for dinner 😮

        But the little boy helped him escape, and he swam back to shore when he heard the call for his boat and saw his family and master…

        He realized he was going to be last again and get spanked – but he wanted to be safe with his family ❤️

        He got spanked – but he was happy ❤️ he made sure to not be late again.

        It was cute – just a children’s book, I remember from my childhood ❤️

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      1. Do you know “The Giving Tree”? That was also one I loved

        The author is Shel Silverstein

        Is about a tree who is there while a little boy grows up … as the boy grows – the tree provides him with many things for life ❤️ the tree was always happy to see and do for the boy ❤️

        But then the boy got older and older and started dating and staying away from the tree … occasionally the boy would visit, but he would always need something… until one day, nothing was left of the tree, but an old stump.

        The boy returned and the tree was sad …

        The boy asked the tree why he was so sad, and the tree told him there was nothing left to give to him, the tree was nothing but a tired old stump with no use.

        But the boy then said – I am an old man now, I have no use for anything else except for a place to rest

        That made the stump happy again, and the old boy sat down on the stump

        The moral of the story is that someone will always be there for you, even if you feel tired and alone.

        It’s a very beautiful story – I don’t tell it well but that’s the jist

        That’s a good one too ❤️
        Those were my 2 favorite books besides the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales lol ✌️

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      2. Yes, it’s a beautiful story and the moral is good too… “Someone will always be there for you” …. ❤️❤️😊
        I think I had read this story before somewhere… Thanks for telling this story…❤️☺️

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