Ch – 1 Development

Q: Answer the following in short:

Q.1: Which attribute is considered the most important while comparing countries ?

Ans: Per Capita Income

Q.2: What is the other name of Per Capita Income ?

Ans: Average Income

Q.3: According to World Development Report 2006, which countries were considered rich and which were considered as poor ?

Ans: The countries with per capita income of Rs. 4,53,000 per annum and above in 2004 were considered rich and the countries with per capita income of Rs. 37,000 or less in 2004 were considered as low-income countries.

Q.4: Why was India considered as a low income country in the World Development Report 2006 ?

Ans: India was considered low income country because its per capita income was Rs. 28,000 per annum in 2004.

Q.5: Which rate measures the proportion of literate population in the 7 or above age group ?

Ans: Literacy Rate

Q.6: Why does Kerala has a low Infant Mortality Rate ?

Ans: Kerala has a low Infant Mortality Rate because it has adequate provisions of basic health and educational facilities.

Q.7: Which indicators are used, in Human Development Report, to compare countries ?

Ans: Health status, Educational levels and Per Capita Income.

Q.8: Who publishes Human Development Report ?

Ans: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Q.9: What is Gross Enrolment Ratio ?

Ans: It means enrolment ratio for primary school, secondary school and higher education beyond secondary school.

Q.10: What are non-renewable resources ?

Ans: Those resources which will get exhaust after years of use are known as non-renewable resources.

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