Word Problems Worksheet – 1

Q.1: The library donated 4852, 2536 and 4752 books in the month of January, February and March respectively. Find the total number of books donated in these three months.

Q.2: Rema won Rs.3,00,000 in lottery. Out of that, Rs.58,250 was deducted as tax. How much money did Rema receive after deducting tax ?

Q.3: Lakhan won 5,25,864 votes and Raman won 8,45,757 votes in the election. Who won more and by how much ?

Q.4: A company manufactures 7852 pins in a day. Find the number of pins manufactured by the company in the month of May.

Q.5: Ritu bought a house for Rs.25,00,000. She further spent 7,80,000 for re-decoration. Find the total amount spent by Ritu.

Q.6: Shubham walks 785 m daily. Find the distance covered by him in a week.

Q.7: The cost of one desk is Rs.895. If a school orders 54 desks, then how much would they have to pay for it ?

Q.8: The minimum score to reach the level C of a game is 78,000 points. If Soham has scored till now 64,253 points, then how much he need to score more in order to reach the level C ?

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