Ch – 1 On Equality

Important Notes:

  • Equality is the key feature of democracy and influences all aspects of its functioning.
  • In India, all adults irrespective of what religion they belong to, how much education they have had, what caste they are, or whether they are rich or poor are allowed to vote. This is universal adult franchise.
  • Universal adult franchise is an important aspect of democracy.
  • The idea of universal adult franchise is based on the idea of equality.
  • One of the major forms of inequality in India is the caste system.
  • Dalit means ‘broken’ and by using this word, lower castes are pointing to how they were, and continue to be, seriously discriminated against.
  • Omprakash Valmiki is a famous Dalit writer. The name of his autobiography is Joothan.
  • When persons are treated unequally their dignity is violated.
  • Indian Constitution recognises every person as equal. It means that every individual in the country, including male and female persons from all castes, religions, tribes, educational and economic backgrounds are recognised as equal.
  • The Parliament is the cornerstone of our democracy and we are represented in it through our elected representatives.
  • Provisions in the Constitution regarding equality:
    • Every person is equal before the law.
    • No person can be discriminated against on the basis of their religion, race, caste, place of birth or whether they are male or female.
    • Every person has access to all public places.
    • Untouchability has been abolished.
  • The government tries to implement the equality provisions guaranteed in the Constitution through laws and government schemes.
  • Tamil Nadu was the first state to introduce the Mid-Day meal scheme.
  • Mid-day meal refers to the programme introduced in all government elementary schools to provide children with cooked lunch.
  • In 2001, Supreme Court asked all state governments to introduce this programme in their schools within six months.
  • The mid-day meal scheme helped to increase the enrolment and attendance of poor children in school.
  • Establishing equality in a democratic society is a continuous struggle and one in which individuals as well as various communities in India contribute to.
  • Rosa Parks‘ strong act of not giving up her seat started a Civil Rights Movement in USA.
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, religion or national origin.

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13 thoughts on “Ch – 1 On Equality

  1. I used to believe in all this equality too. Until I digged deeper into the history and reality of polity. First of all, there is NO caste system in Bharat. Its Jati which was made rigid through Caste Census of Britishers in 1881.
    Second problem a lot of Dalit atrocity literature produce were/are downright false and based on Christian missionary propaganda. Jyotiba Phule, Ambedkar and that moron Periyar were all tools of it. Although Ambedkar himself admitted that his biggest regret is not knowing Sanskrit and that all of his assertions regarding caste are based on Christian English literature which were all made with the sole purpose of demeaning Indian culture and promoting conversion.
    Coming to Indian Constitution, it actively discriminates against Hindus. Special privileges are provided to so called minorities while Hindu temples continue to be in Government control paying taxes. Reservation system itself is a big form of discrimination and various such as SC/ST act has been destroying lives. A recent case where a Brahmin man was falsely accused in SC/ST act and served 20 years in jail!
    But our children are taught these half baked false knowledge through text books.

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      1. It is VERY frustrating!! No one ever learns anything and these issues have nothing to do with life itself in terms of there is no one above another in any way.

        No one has any control over who or what they are born as. None of that should be a thing!!

        I was kinda hoping someone was better. That is very sad is entire world ☹️ πŸ’”

        Think how amazing this world could be?

        It would be amazing but how do you fix? We have so many problems – that is only 1 πŸ™„

        I would need to make a list. There is a list of problems πŸ€¨πŸ™„

        How do you undo it? Or fix it? Can you? We have a lot to fix!! Not just equality.

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