Simple Present Tense Worksheet

Q.1: Fill in the blanks with Simple Present Tense :

  1. The woodcutter _____ (chop) the tree.
  2. Dharma _____ (go) for an evening walk daily.
  3. The earth _____ (rotate) on its own axis.
  4. They _____ (like) to eat at fancy restaurants.
  5. She _____ (know) her worth.
  6. He _____ (speak) politely with elders.
  7. The sun _____ (shine) brightly in the morning.
  8. Hema and Nima _____ (talk) a lot in class.
  9. Tina _____ (save) her allowance.
  10. Barber _____ (use) sharp razors.
  11. Trees _____ (provide) us shade.
  12. We _____ (sing) Christmas carols in church.
  13. Mohan _____ (want) to take a break.
  14. She does _____ (like) to eat spinach.
  15. His friend _____ (give) him good advice.
  16. Do you _____ (know) Spanish ?
  17. Gradma _____ (take) medicine on time.
  18. Santa _____ (bring) gifts for children.
  19. Snakes _____ (crawl) swiftly.
  20. Kiran does not _____ (play) football.

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