Ch – 15 Probability Worksheet

Q.1: Two coins are tossed simultaneously 1000 times and the following outcomes are recorded.

OutcomeTwo TailsOne TailNo Tail

What is the probability of the occurrence of: i) two tails ii) one tail iii) no tail ?

Q.2: A box contains 15 blue balls, 20 red balls and 12 yellow balls. If any random ball is picked from the box, what is the probability of getting a red ball, yellow ball or blue ball ?

Q.3: A dice is thrown 1000 times with the frequencies for the outcomes 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 as shown in the following table:


Q.4: While tossing two coins simultaneously for 500 times, we get two heads 275 times. Find the probability of not two heads.

Q.5: A box contains 50 discs numbered 1 to 50. If one disc is drawn at random, then find the probability that it bears, i) a prime number ii) a multiple of 6 iii) an odd number.

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