Future Continuous Tense Worksheet

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Q.1: Fill in the blanks with Future Continuous Tense Worksheet:

  1. I _____ (watch) match tonight.
  2. This time next year, I _____ (live) in Kashmir.
  3. Sona _____ (complete) her assignment today.
  4. They _____ (attend) an important meeting next Friday.
  5. We _____ (sing) Christmas carols soon.
  6. At 8 pm, I _____ (have) dinner with my family.
  7. Her grandmother _____ (spend) time with her.
  8. The letter _____ (arrive) through post.
  9. New year sale _____ (start) early this year.
  10. Shweta _____ (bake) a cake this afternoon.
  11. Karan ____ (wait) at the station when his sister arrives.
  12. They _____ (start) a new venture.
  13. She _____ (study) in the library tonight.
  14. Her friends _____ (run) in the marathon.
  15. I _____ (see) her in school.
  16. The farmer _____ (plough) his field.
  17. You _____ (swim) in the pool.
  18. I _____ (launch) a new website.
  19. Rohan _____ (meet) his old friend today.
  20. The students _____ (learn) French.

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Published by Priya Prakash

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11 thoughts on “Future Continuous Tense Worksheet

      1. Well that’s only because it’s the only language I know 😄✌️

        You however know more than one, don’t you?

        So while I can ace it – it’s only because that’s my language 😄

        I hear that Latin and Arabic are the hardest languages to learn

        I know very very very little Spanish… but that’s our second language lol … I still don’t know that one though

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha… well. I do know more than one language as I am staying in India, and we have different languages in different states.
        I would love to learn Latin, but as you said it is a bit hard. I tried learning French once from an app. But I kept forgetting all the words. Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. How many states does India have? 29 😮😮

        I can’t imagine every state here in United States with its own language lol…

        That would definitely make you have to learn languages if you want to go anywhere!

        I always wanted to try one of the language apps and see how works lol … I would have to find the time though.

        I always wanted to truly learn American sign language to actually speak that fluently – I wish sign language was universal though 🙏 would make so easy to communicate if that was the case – I know some sign language 🤟

        When I use Google translate – in some languages google translate makes it all weird lol

        Is the differences in verbiage and things – Google can’t figure out lol .. so then to me sounds weird ??

        Is good to know several languages and can aid with things in life – obviously ✌️❤️ Is a huge bonus with knowing other languages

        I don’t really have an excuse other than was not taught and been busy ✌️ But I am interested 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      4. India has 28 states at present. And around 1,600 languages are spoken in India. I know only 4 or 5 of them.
        Google translator is not reliable. I don’t trust it.
        One of my cousins is deaf, so I do know sign language. It is easy to learn.
        Using language app is a good way to learn. But the thing is, you need someone to practice with. When I was learning French, I had no one to communicate and practice with. And that’s why I started procrastinating. Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Oh my goodness 😮😮 1,600 languages 😮 wow!

        Each state here in the United States has a dialect – but they all speak English

        Only the words sometimes can be different? And the pronunciation or way they speak… I can generally guess where in the country someone is from by the way they speak 🗣

        We can barely communicate now with only one language lol ✌️

        I can’t imagine 1,600!! Wow!!

        Do you pick up languages easy? Is it easier when you already know a few other languages?

        I will have to do a post because languages was a thing this past Friday – Japanese to English lol

        No Google does not translate all languages very well lol – I do not trust either

        It gives me rough idea most of time lol – I just have to try to figure out the words Google says myself

        Hahaha yes I know what you mean lol… I am that way currently with Indian food – I need to have someone experienced to tell me the foods – I am not experienced at all and never had Indian food

        I worry would be harsh on my stomach? Which is why I wish to have someone who knows it – so I just wait til I find someone lol ✌️

        Sorta similar just with food not languages

        It would be easier to learn a language if can practice

        I am always impressed with those people who pick up and just go to another country not knowing anything of the language – they just immerse themselves

        That is a sink or swim thing… you either learn or you have problems

        They usually learn and usually pretty fast when that’s all you hear

        And is also good to get a sense of the dialect of the language ✌️

        That’s gotta be scary though 😮

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Well.. I can pick up some languages easily, if they have Sanskrit words in their language otherwise it’s hard.
        Yeah I know Indian food is spicy. Lol. But if you wanna try Indian food, then I think you can try paneer dishes. Those are usually not that spicy. Do you have Indian restaurants around you ?

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Oohhh I googled Sanskrit – that is the ancient language of India 🇮🇳… hmm 🤔 how come they all decided to make own language from that? Is story behind that? Or just happened that way?

        Spanish I know how to speak if I “need” to say the words or sentences … because I hear Spanish all the time … but with Italian – I never hear it spoken so not really sure how their words sound. I only know SOME Italian words by sight not sound. And that’s only because of WordPress

        My kids know Japanese – and my oldest knows Korean also lol

        There is no way I could pick up those languages because their lettering messes my mind up… and the way their verbs are … plus I think they don’t really use pronouns?

        All my rules with the English language are very different with other languages 😮

        Yes we do have Indian restaurants around, quite a few actually. I’m always afraid to try. That is the one food that I have zero familiarity with – I only know is spicy

        Paneer dishes ok – I will look at that… thank you ❤️

        When other people order Indian food and have it – it does smell amazing 🙌

        I have been dying to try it, but just prefer to know first lol ❤️✌️ I was afraid to get in there and look at them and know nothing about what I want lol

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Yeah sanskrit was spoken in ancient India. It changed a lot after new rulers and conquerors came to India and brought their own culture and languages. But nowadays, people rarely use Sanskrit. It is used in temples only, at present.
        Korean and Japanese language are tough. Like you said, the letters are kinda confusing.
        Let me know the reviews about Indian food, after you try some. ✨✨😊

        Liked by 1 person

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