Ch – 3 Minerals & Power Resources

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Q.1: A non-ferrous mineral does not contain _____.

a) lead

b) copper

c) iron

Q.2: Deep bores called _____ have to be made to reach mineral deposits that lie at great depths.

a) Shafts

b) Quarry

c) Wells

Q.3: Which of these zones have mineral deposits in North America ?

i) Western Cordilleras ii) Sierra Grande iii) Canadian Shield

a) only i

b) i and ii

c) i and ii

Q.4: Which regions of India have mica deposits ?

a) Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

b) Gujarat, Rajasthan and Jharkhand

c) Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Bihar

Q.5: Silicon is obtained from _____.

a) Quartz

b) Aluminium

c) Copper

Q.6: Electricity produced from coal is known as _____ power.

a) Thermal

b) Geothermal

c) Solar

Q.7: _____ is often referred to as “Buried Sunshine”.

a) Petroleum

b) Coal

c) Natural gas

Q.8: Which of these products are obtained from petroleum ?


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