Ch – 7 Getting To Know Plants

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  • Based on some features most plants can be classified into three categories: herbs, shrubs and trees.
  • Plants with green and tender stems are called herbs. They are usually short and may not have many branches. Eg: Coriander, Mustard.
  • Plants that develop branches near the base of stem. And the stem is hard but not very thick. Such plants are called shrubs. Eg: Rose, Tulsi.

  • Some plants are very tall and have hard and thick stem. The stems have branches in the upper part, much above the ground. Such plants are called trees. Eg: Banyan, Peepal.
  • Plants with weak stems that cannot stand upright but spread on the ground are called creepers. Eg: Money plant, Strawberry.
  • Plants with weak stems that take support and climb up are called climbers. Eg: Grape vine, Bitter gourd.
  • The part of leaf by which it is attached to the stem is called petiole.
  • The broad…

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