Personal Pronouns Worksheet

Q.1: Circle the personal pronouns in the following sentences:

a) They are waiting for the election results.

b) Monali is my best friend. She lives in Delhi.

c) Mom and Dad went for shopping. They bought a new cycle for me.

d) Shiv is an active child. He likes to participate in extra-curricular activities.

e) I purchased a new phone. It has exciting features.

f) We should not litter in the classroom.

Q.2: Circle the personal pronoun that best completes each sentence:

a) ( I/me ) want to learn a new language during the spring break.

b) You and ( I/me ) are best friends.

c) ( She/Her ) worked hard for her Science exam.

d) I was worried about ( they/them )

e) I don’t know whether ( he/him ) likes tea or coffee.

f) The new book releases today. ( It/He ) is now available in stores.

Published by Priya Prakash

In the midst of winter, i found there was within me an invincible summer ~ Albert Camus

8 thoughts on “Personal Pronouns Worksheet

  1. Personal pronouns are currently a thing over here πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ for people choosing what they want their identity to be?

    Is a little confusing – but I am older generation ✌️

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