Simple Past Tense Worksheet

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Q.1: Fill in the blanks with Simple Past Tense:

  1. I _____ (get) first prize in essay writing competition.
  2. Grandfather _____ (bring) gifts for us.
  3. Shubham _____ (prepare) well for exams.
  4. Mina _____ (take) half day leave.
  5. The dog _____ (bite) some children.
  6. The park _____ (re-open) after a long time.
  7. The baby _____ (like) to pull her mother’s hair.
  8. She _____ (cry) for help.
  9. Mona _____ (stand) alone on the stage.
  10. They _____ (wait) for the rain to stop.
  11. Birds _____ (fly) away on hearing the gunshots.
  12. Teddy _____ (sleep) for 10 hours.
  13. The science teacher _____ (teach) us about plants.
  14. We _____ (meet) at the airport.
  15. She _____ (break) her sister’s favourite vase.
  16. The teacher _____ (pat) on his shoulder.
  17. Judge _____ (give) final judgement on the case.
  18. I _____ (think) about poetry all day long.
  19. Sara _____ (run) after her dog.
  20. The Sharmas _____ (buy) their new house…

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