Fractions & Decimals Worksheet

Q.1: What should be added in 33.28 to get 56 ?

Q.2: Express 5860 g in kg using decimals.

Q.3: Geeta studies for 4/8 hours every day. Find the number of hours taken by her to study in 16 days ?

Q.4: Which is greater 5/6 of 2/3 or 1/7 of 3/8 ?

Q.5: A vehicle covers a distance of 18.66 km in 6 liters of petrol. How much distance will it cover with one liter of petrol ?

Q.6: The cost of one kg of apples is Rs 153.25. Find the cost of 2.5 kg of apples.

Q.7: Write 860.76 in expanded form.

Q.8: Write the reciprocal of : i) 8/11 ii) 7

Published by Priya Prakash

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