Word Problems Worksheet – 2

Q.1: Mr. Sharma had Rs. 25,00,000 in his bank account. He decided to give Rs. 12,58,560 to his wife, Rs. 7,84,460 to his elder son and remaining to his younger son. How much money will his younger son receive ?

Q.2: In Amarpur village, the total population in the year 2000 was 7,58,631. In the year 2001, about 25,486 people shifted from her to other cities. In the year 2002, again 45,566 shifted to cities. Find the population of Amarpur village in the beginning of the year 2003.

Q.3: In an election 12,57,487 people voted for Party “A”, 15,55,578 people voted for Party “B” and remaining voted for Party “C”. If the total number of votes registered were 28,45,766, then find the number of people who voted for Party “C”.

Q.4: Megha earns Rs. 5,00,000 per month. Out of her total salary, she spends Rs. 25,000 on rent, Rs. 8,750 for insurance and Rs. 4,950 for bills. Then find out how much money is left with her after all these expenses.

Q.5: Raghav deposited Rs. 25,840 on Monday, Rs. 58,564 on Tuesday and Rs. 15,562 on Wednesday in his bank account. If he withdrew Rs. 39,468 on Thursday, then find out the remaining amount in his account.

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