Ch – 1 Environment

Answer the following :

Q.1: What is our basic life support system ?

Ans: Environment

Q.2: The world of non-living elements is called _____________.

Ans: Abiotic

Q.3: The world of living organisms is known as ________________.

Ans: Biotic

Q.4: The French word “Environer/Environner” means __________________.

Ans: neighbourhood

Q.5: __________________ is a solid crust or top layer of the earth.

Ans: Lithosphere

Q.6: Lithosphere is made up of __________ and ____________.

Ans: rocks and minerals

Q.7: Lithosphere is a source of _____________ wealth.

Ans: mineral

Q.8: The ____________ comprises of oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, etc.

Ans: hydrosphere

Q.9: The ___________ force of the earth holds the atmosphere around it.

Ans: gravitational

Q.10: _________ and ____________ kingdoms make the biosphere.

Ans: plant, animal

Q.11: The relationship between the living organisms as well as the relation between the organisms and their surroundings form an _____________.

Ans: ecosystem

Q.12: _____________ interact with environment and modify it according to their needs.

Ans: Human beings

Q.13: _____________ revolution made communication easier and speedy across the world.

Ans: Information

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