Ch – 1 How, When & Where

Answer the following questions in short:

Q.1: _____________ is about changes that occur over time.

Ans: History

Q.2: The first map was produced by _____________ in 1782.

Ans: James Rennel

Q.3: ______________ was the frontispiece of James Rennel’s map.

Ans: Britannia

Q.4: Who asked Rennel to make political maps of Hindustan ?

Ans: Robert Clive

Q.5: ____________ was the symbol of British power.

Ans: Britannia

Q.6: _____________ was the first Governor-General of India.

Ans: Warren Hastings

Q.7: ____________ was the last Viceroy.

Ans: Lord Mountbatten

Q.8: Warren Hastings became first Governor-General in __________.

Ans: 1773

Q.9: James Mill has divided Indian history into ____________, ___________ and __________.

Ans: Hindu, Muslim, British

Q.10: In which year did James Mill publish his book “A History of British India” ?

Ans: 1817

Q.11: According to Mill, the Asian societies were at a lower ____________ than Europe.

Ans: civilisation

Q.12: ___________ was a term used to describe a society where these features of modern society did not exist.

Ans: Medieval

Q.13: _____________ means subjugation of one country by another leads to various kinds of political, economic, social and cultural changes.

Ans: Colonisation

Q.14: When New Delhi was built, the National Museum and National Archives were both located close to _____________________.

Ans: Viceregal Palace

Q.15: The practice of ____________ became common under British administration.

Ans: Surveying

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