Ch – 5 Judiciary

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  • Judiciary plays an important role in functioning of India’s democracy.
  • The work of judiciary can be divided into three main categories:
  • Dispute Resolution:
  • It resolves disputes between two state governments, between central and state governments, between citizens and governments, between citizens.
  • Judicial Review:
  • Judiciary is the final interpreter of constitution.
  • If the laws passed by the Parliament violate constitutional structure, then judiciary can strike down that law.
  • Upholding the Law and Enforcing Fundamental Rights:
  • If a citizen feels that his/her Fundamental Right is being violated then he/she can approach the judiciary.
  • Independent Judiciary:
  • Independent judiciary means that the legislature and executive can’t interfere in the working of judiciary.
  • The judiciary is not under the control of government.
  • The appointment of judges is done with minimum interference from government.
  • This independence helps judiciary to play a central role ensuring there is no misuse of power by legislative and executive.
  • Structure of…

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