Ch – 6 Colonialism & The City

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  • In the late eighteenth century, Calcutta, Bombay and Madras rose in importance as Presidency cities.
  • In these cities, Indians lived in the “black areas” and British lived in “white areas“.
  • Many people started moving to back to their places as the trade moved to new centers, this was often described as de-urbanisation.
  • By the early 20th century, only 11% of Indians were living in cities.
  • The most splendid capital city built between 12th and 17th centuries is Shahjahanabad built by Shah Jahan in 1639.
  • During Shah Jahan’s rule, Delhi was an important center of Sufi culture.
  • In 1803, British gained control of Delhi after defeating Marathas.
  • The modern Delhi was developed after 1911 when it became the capital of British India.
  • The period from 1830 to 1857 is referred as “Delhi renaissance period“.
  • After the revolt of 1857, Delhi remained under…

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