Ch – 1 Understanding Diversity

Answer the following :

Q.1: How does Samir Do earn his livelihood ?

Ans: By selling newspapers

Q.2: Where does Samir Do’s mother live ?

Ans: Meerut

Q.3: _____________ comes when a person does not have the resources and opportunities that are available to other persons.

Ans: Inequality

Q.4: _____________ is an example of inequality.

Ans: Caste system

Q.5: ___________ is a country of many diversities.

Ans: India

Q.6: Diversity also comes when people adapt their lives to the __________________ in which they live.

Ans: geographical area

Q.7: In cities, people depend on ___________ to buy all the food and other goods that they need.

Ans: market

Q.8: ___________ and _______________ factors influence the diversity of a region.

Ans: Historical, Geographical

Q.9: Ladakh is situated in the eastern part of ________________.

Ans: Jammu-Kashmir

Q.10: Why are the sheep of Ladakh region special ?

Ans: Because they produce pashmina wool

Q.11: Pashmina shawls are chiefly woven in _____________.

Ans: Kashmir

Q.12: What are dzos ?

Ans: Yak-cows

Q.13: Which goods were carried in the caravans that passed through Ladakh ?

Ans: Raw silk, carpets, textiles and spices

Q.14: Which religion reached Tibet via Ladakh ?

Ans: Buddhism

Q.15: When was Islam introduced in Ladakh ?

Ans: More than 400 years ago

Q.16: Name the national epic of Tibet.

Ans: Kesar Saga

Q.17: What made Kerala an attractive place for traders ?

Ans: Spices

Q.18: Which traders were the first to arrive in Kerala ?

Ans: Jewish and Arab

Q.19: Who is believed to have come here nearly 2000 years ago ?

Ans: Apostle of Christ St.Thomas

Q.20: Who is credited with bringing Christianity to India ?

Ans: St. Thomas

Q.21: When did the Portuguese discover the sea routes to India from Europe ?

Ans: When Vasco da Gama landed with his ship

Q.22: Why are the fishing nets of Kerala known as “cheena-vala” ?

Ans: Because they look exactly like Chinese fishing net

Q.23: Name the utensil that is used for frying in Kerala.

Ans: Cheenachatti

Q.24: Who wrote the book titled “Discovery of India” ?

Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

Q.25: Where did Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place ?

Ans: Amritsar

Q.26: Who had composed India’s national anthem ?

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

Q.27: Which famous phrase was coined by Nehru ?

Ans: Unity in Diversity

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