Ch – 6 Human Resources

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  • People are a nation’s greatest resource.
  • Human with their abilities and demands turn themselves into ‘resources’.
  • Human resources differ in their educational levels, occupational levels, literacy levels, health conditions, income levels, age and sex.
  • Population Density is the number of people living in a unit area of the earth’s surface.
  • The average density of population in the whole world is 45 persons per km.
  • Highest population density – South Central Asia
  • Distribution of Population:
  • The way in which people are spread across the earth surface is known as the pattern of population distribution.
  • 60% of world’s population stay in just 10 countries.
  • Many people live in northern hemisphere than southern hemisphere.
    • Factors affecting distribution of population:
    • Geographical factors:
    • Topography: People prefer plains over mountains and plateaus.
    • Climate: People avoid living in extreme cold or hot climatic regions.
    • Soil: The fertile land is suitable for agriculture, so population…

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