Ch – 1 Who Did Patrick’s Homework ?

Q.1: What did Patrick feel about his homework ?

a) He felt that it was boring

b) He felt it was interesting

c) He felt it was lengthy

Q.2: Which games did Patrick play ?

a) Basketball, football, volleyball

b) hockey, Nintendo, basketball

c) Nintendo, free fire, hockey

Q.3: The tiny man’s hat is compared to a ____________’s hat.

a) soldier

b) policeman

c) witch

Q.4: How many days were left for the semester to end ?

a) 35 days

b) 45 days

c) 55 days

Q.5: “Oh, am I cursed! But I’ll do it”. Who said this sentence to whom ?

a) Patrick to little man

b) Little man to Patrick

c) Little man to cat

Q.6: What did Patrick get when elf was unable to understand any words ?

a) encyclopedia

b) atlas

c) dictionary

Q.7: Which subject was a mystery for elves ?

a) Human history

b) geography

c) mathematics

Q.8: Why was Patrick going to school with his eyes puffed and bleary ?

a) Because he was playing Nintendo all time

b) Because he was staying up all night

c) Because he was crying all night

Q.9: When was the elf free to go ?

a) On the last day of Christmas vacation

b) On the last day of Summer vacation

c) On the last day of school

Q.10: Patrick was now a _________ kid.

a) model

b) army

c) bully

Q.11: Which secret is revealed by the author at the end ?

a) The elf was a smart man

b) The elf had not done homework but Patrick himself had done his homework

c) The author was the elf who helped Patrick

Q.12: What is the name of the author of this story ?

a) Rudyard Kipling

b) Roald Dahl

c) Carol Moore

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