Ch – 1 Nutrition In Plants

Q: Answer the following:

Q.1: The components which are essential for our body are known as ______________.

Ans: Nutrients

Q.2: ______________ is the mode of taking food by an organism and its utilisation by the body.

Ans: Nutrition

Q.3: The mode of nutrition in which organisms make food for themselves from simple substance is known as __________________.

Ans: autotrophic nutrition

Q.4: The mode of nutrition in which animals take food prepared by plants is known as ____________.

Ans: heterotrophic nutrition

Q.5: _____________ are the food factories of plants.

Ans: Leaves

Q.6: The cell is enclosed by a thin outer membrane called ___________.

Ans: Cell membrane

Q.7: Cells can be seen only under a _____________.

Ans: Microscope

Q.8: The bodies of living organisms are made up of tiny units are called _______.

Ans: Cells

Q.9: The nucleus is surrounded by a jelly like substance called ____________.

Ans: Cytoplasm

Q.10: The leaves have a green pigment called _____________.

Ans: Chlorophyll

Q.11: Stomata is surrounded by ___________.

Ans: Guard cells

Q.12: __________ is the ultimate source of energy for all living organisms.

Ans: Sun

Q.13: The desert plants have __________ like leaves to reduce the loss of water.

Ans: Spine

Q.14: The presence of ___________ in leaves indicate the occurrence of photosynthesis.

Ans: starch

Q.15: The green patches in pond or other stagnant water bodies are generally formed by the growth of ___________.

Ans: Algae

Q.16: The carbohydrates are made up of ________, ___________ and ___________.

Ans: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen

Q.17: Proteins are nitrogenous substances which contain __________.

Ans: Nitrogen

Q.18: _______________ does not have chlorophyll.

Ans: Cuscuta (Amarbel)

Q.19: ___________ secrete digestive juices on the dead and decaying matter and convert it into a solution.

Ans: Fungi

Q.20: Plants which use saprotrophic mode of nutrition are called _____________.

Ans: Saprotrophs

Q.21: Fungi mostly appears in the ___________ season.

Ans: Rainy

Q.22: The organisms that live together and share shelter and nutrients are called ______________.

Ans: Symbiotic

Q.23: Crops require a lot of ____________ to make proteins.

Ans: Nitrogen

Q.24: _____________ bacteria lives in the root nodules of leguminous plants.

Ans: Rhizobium

Q.25: The symbiotic relationship between the leguminous plants and Rhizobium bacteria is of significance for ______________.

Ans: Farmers

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