Ch – 1 The Best Christmas Present In The World

Q.1: This chapter talks about the war between Germans and British in _________.

a) 1915

b) 1914

c) 1916

Q.2: Which of the following sentences is incorrect about the roll-top desk ?

a) It was made in late nineteenth century.

b) It was made of oak.

c) It had scorch marks all down one side.

Q.3: Jim’s last letter was received on _______________.

a) January 25, 1915

b) January 25, 1916

c) January 26, 1915

Q.4: Why was Jim in a happier state of mind while writing the letter ?

a) Because he had just killed some of the enemy camp.

b) Because he had celebrated Christmas with Germans

c) Because the war was over

Q.5: Hans Wolf belonged to ______________.

a) Dorset

b) Bridport

c) Dusseldorf

Q.6: What did the Germans bring for British soldiers on Christmas ?

a) schnapps and sausages

b) wines and wontons

c) beer and chips

Q.7: Where is Dorset situated ?

a) in the east of England

b) in the south of England

c) in the west of England

Q.8: Who was the favourite writer of Hans Wolf ?

a) Dan Brown

b) Thomas Hardy

c) William Shakespeare

Q.9: “I shall never forget this moment”. Who said this to whom ?

a) Hans Wolf to Jim Macpherson

b) Jim Macpherson to Connie

c) Hans Wolf to Connie

Q.10: What was Connie’s age when the author met her ?

a) 103

b) 102

c) 101

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In the midst of winter, i found there was within me an invincible summer ~ Albert Camus

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