Ch – 1 Three Questions

Q.1: The king thought that if he knew three things, he would never fail. Which of the following is not one of those things ?

a) Which people should he listen to ?

b) Which is the most important thing for the ministers ?

c) What is the right time to begin something ?

Q.2: What did the king promise to anyone who would answer his questions ?

a) his property

b) his gold chains

c) a large sum of money

Q.3: What could be done by magicians only ?

a) Only they could look into the future

b) Only they could help the king

c) Only they could do magic

Q.4: Who was widely known for his wisdom ?

a) king

b) magician

c) hermit

Q.5: What was the hermit doing when the king arrived at his hut ?

a) He was planting flowers in his garden

b) He was digging the ground

c) He was meditating

Q.6: Who washed and covered the bearded man’s wounds ?

a) king

b) hermit

c) magician

Q.7: ” I will serve you as your most faithful servant “. Who said this to whom ?

a) king to bearded man

b) bearded man to hermit

c) bearded man to king

Q.8: According to the hermit, which is the most important time ?

a) Now

b) Yesterday

c) Tomorrow

Q.9: Why is the most important business to do good to others ?

a) Because we will get rewards in return

b) Because we came into this world with that purpose alone

c) Because we will feel good

Q.10: This story has been retold by ___________________.

a) Leo Tolstoy

b) Rudyard Kipling

c) Dan Brown

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