Ch – 2 The Friendly Mongoose

Q.1: The farmer and his wife believed that the _____________ will be their son’s companion and friend in future.

a) dog

b) cat

c) mongoose

Q.2: In how many months did the mongoose had grown to its full size ?

a) 5 or 6

b) 8 or 9

c) 10 or 11

Q.3: One day, the farmer’s wife wanted to go to __________.

a) market

b) park

c) school

Q.4: Why did the wife ask farmer to keep an eye on the baby ?

a) Because the baby was mischievious

b) Because she doesn’t trust to leave the baby alone with the mongoose

c) Because the baby was not feeling well

Q.5: Why did the farmer not return home for quite a some time ?

a) Because he had too much work in his field

b) Because he went to market

c) Because he met some friends on the way back

Q.6: This story has been taken from the book ______________.

a) Aesop’s Fables

b) Jungle Book

c) Panchatantra

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