Ch – 13 Motion & Time

Answer the following:

Q.1: The distance covered by an object in a unit time as the __________ of the object.

Ans: speed

Q.2: If the speed of an object moving along a straight line keeps changing, its motion is said to be ____________________.

Ans: non-uniform

Q.3: If an object moves along a straight line with a constant speed, it is said to be in _______________ motion.

Ans: Uniform

Q.4: The time between one sunrise and the next was called a __________.

Ans: day

Q.5: A ___________ was the fixed time taken by the earth to complete one revolution of the sun.

Ans: year

Q.6: Clocks use the ___________ motion.

Ans: periodic

Q.7: The small metallic ball is called ________ of pendulum.

Ans: bob

Q.8: The to and fro motion of a simple pendulum is an example of a __________ or an ___________ motion.

Ans: periodic, oscillatory

Q.9: The time taken by the pendulum to complete one oscillation is called its ______________.

Ans: time period

Q.10: To measure the time period of a pendulum we need a ______________.

Ans: stopwatch

Q.11: The basic unit of time is ____________.

Ans: second

Q.12: The clocks or watches having electric circuit with one or more cells are called ______________.

Ans: quartz clocks

Q.13: The basic unit of speed is _________.

Ans: m/s

Q.14: The symbols of all units are written in ____________.

Ans: singular

Q.15: The meter that measures the distance moved by the vehicle is known as _________________.

Ans: Odometer

Q.16: Distance covered = ___________ x __________

Ans: speed, time

Q.17: The meter which shows the speed of the vehicle is known as ____________.

Ans: speedometer

Q.18: The distance-time graph is a __________ graph.

Ans: line

Q.19: If the distance-time graph is a straight line, it indicates that the object is moving with a ____________ speed.

Ans: constant

Q.20: Motion of objects can be presented in a pictorial form by their _______________ graphs.

Ans: distance-time

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