Ch – 2 Diversity And Discrimination

Answer the following:

Q.1: Sometimes, people who are ______________ from others are teased, laughed at or not included in a certain activity or group.

Ans: different

Q.2: There are __________ major religions in the world.

Ans: 8

Q.3: There are more than ______ languages spoken in India.

Ans: 1600

Q.4: The _______ and _______ of the place where we live influence the diversity.

Ans: geography and history

Q.5: __________ means to judge other people negatively or see them as inferior.

Ans: Prejudice

Q.6: When we fix people into one image, we create a ______________.

Ans: stereotype

Q.7: “Girls cry easily, boys never cry”. These statements are an example of ______________.

Ans: stereotype

Q.8: _____________ happens when people act upon stereotypes or prejudices.

Ans: Discrimination

Q.9: ___________ stop us from looking at each person as a unique individual with his or her own special qualities and skills that are different from others.

Ans: Stereotypes

Q.10: ____________ is a term that people belonging to so-called lower castes use to address themselves.

Ans: Dalit

Q.11: Dalit means those have been ‘_________’.

Ans: Broken

Q.12: The government refers Dalit people as ______________.

Ans: Scheduled Caste

Q.13: _______________ is considered as the ‘father of the Indian Constitution’.

Ans: Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

Q.14: India became an independent nation in __________.

Ans: 1947

Q.15: ____________ is a value that we have to keep striving for and not something which will happen automatically.

Ans: Equality

Q.16: Every one has equal ___________ and ____________.

Ans: rights and opportunities

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