Ch – 1 The Tiny Teacher

Q.1: Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about ants ?

a) They live in anthills

b) The commonest ant is white

c) They are intelligent and hardworking

Q.2: An ant uses its ____________ to ‘talk’ to other ants by passing messages through them.

a) antennae

b) mouth

c) legs

Q.3: How do the ants greet one another ?

a) by shaking their hands

b) by smelling

c) by touching their feelers

Q.4: The young ants are called ___________.

a) grubs

b) larvae

c) moth

Q.5: _________ ants have their reserved quarters.

a) Queen

b) soldier

c) worker

Q.6: The ___________ ant has a pair of wings, which she casts off before she begins to lay eggs.

a) queen

b) lady

c) empress

Q.7: Who is the mother of the entire population of the colony ?

a) queen ant

b) lady ant

c) empress ant

Q.8: The male ant is known as _________.

a) drake

b) drone

c) none

Q.9: When does the queen bites her wings off ?

a) after her wedding flight

b) after her first flight

c) after her last flight

Q.10: The queen ant lives for about _______ years.

a) 10

b) 15

c) 20

Q.11: Cocoons live without food or activity for __________ weeks more.

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

Q.12: The _____________ is ants’ cow.

a) dragonfly

b) housefly

c) greenfly

Q.13: Why do ants have alien creatures in their nests ?

a) Because some give off smell pleasant to the ants’ senses

b) Because others give sweet juices

c) Both

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